Qualitative Research Recruiting

If you are looking to conduct focus groups, one-on-ones, on-site interviews or any other qualitative research study, NSRC has the experience and resources to help you reach your specific target audience.


NSRC employs a talented group of seasoned, skilled recruiters who work from the NSRC call center and are directly supervised by our staff. Our recruiters are detail-oriented and have the ability to communicate effectively. For business-to-business projects, recruiters are adept at recruiting all levels and roles, including C-level. For consumer projects, NSRC has experience with specialty targets including disgruntled customers, affluent consumers and "A-List" customers to name just a few.


NSRC has strong working relationships with moderators and research organizations across the country. These moderators continually turn to NSRC for their recruiting "list based" recruits. NSRC has successfully worked with customer lists, employee lists, and purchased lists.

Cuyahoga County Consumer Database Availability:

In addition to working with provided samples, NSRC maintains a database of Cleveland-area consumers, used for projects such as focus groups, IDI's, shop-alongs and in-home use testing (IHUT) product placements.